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Welcome to our Website! If you are looking for any pet sitting, dog walking or house sitting service, we are here for you. Premiere Petsitting knows how important it is for you, as a pet owner, to feel confident and assured that you are leaving your home and pet children in the care of a trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced person. Our goal, evident in our track record, is to provide the level of service that will make you glad you contacted us!

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Summer is Here!

Hot days, calm nights, summertime, what a delight! We are scheduling Summer requests and would love to include yours. The earlier you let us know of your needs, the better we can plan our scheduling! 


Create a customized pet care plan with our wide variety of affordable services.

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Experience peace of mind with Our Peace of Mind Blueprint.

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We are proud of our exceptional service and our pet parents are appreciative.

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